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How We Got Our Start- Wedding Women in Tech

Jen and Nicole met in 2013 when they were both working at a Fortune 500 company. Their mutual love of events and entrepreneurship bonded them quickly and they enjoyed several coffee dates daydreaming of what was next. While they were separated for a few years on their own paths, they met up for a glass of wine in 2021 where Jen pitched Nicole her idea for Wedding Crasher and the rest was history!

Born out of COVID, the Wedding Crasher App is a game-changer for the events industry, thoughtfully crafted by a seasoned wedding planner. Our primary focus? Elevating the wedding guest experience by addressing their most frequently asked questions, all in one streamlined platform.


Equipped with an array of innovative features, like a comprehensive schedule of events, transportation details, digital bar list, menu tab, and a convenient searchable seating chart, the Wedding Crasher App aims to alleviate common stressors experienced on the big day for both professionals and couples. Not only does it enhance the level of service provided, but it also opens up new avenues for wedding professionals to further elevate their offerings and drive profitability for their business.

"Whether you're a Wedding Professional, a couple planning your special day or a guest eager for a seamless experience, the Wedding Crasher App is here to help. Thank you for choosing us to be part of your celebration!"

With love, Jen & Nicole


The Passion Behind the Screen

Headshot of Jen Shaefer, Founder of Wedding Crasher App



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